Bed Supperclub

Bed Supperclub

Responsive website for Bed Supperclub, the iconic club and restaurant in Bangkok.

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Bed Supperclub homepage viewed on a desktop and smartphone

Mobile First

We worked in a mobile first approach: starting from minimal screen size and processing power, and gradually adding enhancements. This meant reviewing all content, and getting rid of features with little engagement.


We collaborated closely with Mandala Studio to keep the distinctive, white minimal design that made the website successful, and make it even better.
Agenda with responsive table, viewed on smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop


Flash-based features such as Bed Sheets Magazine had to be replaced by more compatible, touch-friendly solutions.

Semantic markup and accessible content are not only great for visitors, they also help improve SEO. Upcoming parties and events appear directly in search results, thanks to microformats

Upcoming parties in Google search results


To keep the website fast, we tried to reduce the number of requests by combining and minifying code, using icon fonts and sprites, avoiding images whenever possible, loading assets asynchronously, caching aggressively and other server-side optimisations (RESS, adaptive images).