Sony Universe

Sony Universe

Illustrations, packaging, UI, sound design and authoring of a CD-ROM for Sony Universe.


Sony Universe packaging

Sony Thailand decided to launch Internet services as a virtual ISP, powered by KSC internet.

We were commissionned to create the visual identity for the packaging and to develop the CD-ROM application that would help users get connected.

The CD-ROM would also showcase the smart connectivity between Sony products in a virtual living room filled with shiny Sony gadgets. Some TV commercials had to be embedded in the application.


User Interface

The application on the CD-ROM would have to run automatically when inserted in a CD-ROM drive and help subscribers connect in a few steps.

Installation screen

We used Macromedia Director to create an application that would be cross-platform (Windows & Macintosh) and interactive. All the animations were done in Flash, and the Flash files were integrated in the Director project.

Smart Connectivity

Living room

All gadgets and products in the room could be clicked to reveal technical details and see how they connect with other Sony products. A video reel included the latest Sony Thailand TV commercials.